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    17 Sexist Designs Guaranteed To Boil Your Blood


    1. These bathroom doors that really said "man = football, woman = shopping."

    the two genders- football and shopping from pointlesslygendered

    2. And these bathroom doors that are somehow even worse.

    Now shit is food-based! from pointlesslygendered

    3. This Minecraft couples costume that only gives the dude a weapon.

    Someone did the r/ in a post of mine, so here we are. The difference really annoys me from pointlesslygendered

    4. And this cave people couples costume that really accurately represents all the cavewomen who rocked pink clubs and nail polish back in the day.

    Double Whammy from pointlesslygendered

    5. These women's jean pockets that are fit for a mouse.

    I just want a bigger pocket please, is that too much to ask for? Sincerely, Women everywhere from mildlyinfuriating

    6. This ad for a tool set that I've had to read 10 times in order to believe it's real.

    Low testosterone male pink tool set from pointlesslygendered

    7. And this "chick driver" kit for anyone who wants to build a cabinet in lingerie.

    Finally I can grab some sexy screwdrivers for an absolute bargain from pointlesslygendered

    8. This body wash that just forced me to shotgun a beer.

    This shower gel an exchange student brought from pointlesslygendered

    9. This "his and hers" toothbrush set that I have no desire to put in my mouth.

    THEY PUT GENITALS ON MY TOOTHBRUSH from pointlesslygendered

    10. This horrifying greeting card that really feels like it belongs in the 1950s.

    This card I found at Walmart from pointlesslygendered

    11. This Old Spice label that made up "manly lavender smells" on the spot.

    Found on my BFs Deodorant from pointlesslygendered

    12. These pink headphones with "treble formulated for women" because girls apparently can't like bass.

    Women can’t like bass..? from pointlesslygendered

    13. This wall art that has some really sexist (and random) rules.

    Girls can't read books and boys can't laugh. Sorry, I don't make the rules. from pointlesslygendered

    14. These Hallmark characters who apparently have strict wardrobe assignments.

    Green is man, red is woman from pointlesslygendered

    15. This gendered globe that suggests women are better suited for a pink ocean.

    girls live on a different planet from pointlesslygendered

    16. These menu items that make absolutely no sense. Women don't like pancakes? Men don't like french toast?

    Which brunch are you: man, woman or waffle? from pointlesslygendered

    17. And this horrendous onesie that promotes body negativity in young girls.

    Found this on another sub today. A baby girl's onesie on the left, baby boy's on the right. I'm so fucking disgusted about it. from pointlesslygendered

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