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    Jan 11, 2020

    16 Tweets About Men At Gas Stations That Will Make You Want To Take A Shower

    "Make sure to hype up ur girl or the dudes at the gas station will."

    Don't get me wrong, being a woman is awesome, but we have to deal with a lot of BS!


    This includes (but is not limited to) being bothered by men in public places. One place that seems to attract hella weirdos is the gas station.

    Adult Swim

    All it took was a little dive through Twitter for me to realize I was not alone in my less than favorable gas station experiences:


    Men at gas stations really look at you like they've never seen a woman in their entire life


    Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit has so many cute shades I can’t wait to try the matte with her new formula it’s supposed to be super soft and ok ladies now that the men are gone it is time to talk about my movement of aggressively cat calling men at gas stations to take back the power


    men @ gas stations always have the MOST to say lol are u going to pay for my gas tho????? oh ok move.



    When bae ain't texted you in 3 hours and a dude at the gas station asks how are you


    Random man at the gas station: “you ain’t gotta look so mean” Me:


    how come dudes at the gas station r detrimentally horny


    make sure to hype up ur girl or the dudes at the gas station will


    Some guy at the gas station asked me if I was looking for a husband ... so I hissed at him while making stabbing motions.


    Men at gas stations are a different kind of thirsty. I can’t explain it, but females know what I mean lmao


    Men at 7 eleven and men at gas stations really do not deserve rights


    This man at the gas station was trying to talk to me. I lied and said I was married. He said, “So am I. What’s your number?” 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 God we need a new batch of men, these ones stale 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂


    Lmao I was getting gas and this man at the gas station gonna say “you have some pretty teeth you probably bite right through a steak “ 🤣 I was like ummmmm thank you 😁


    man at the gas station really told me i smell hungover i wanna die


    Some man at the gas station asked me for money so he could fill his tank to get to work. When I said no he asked if I was single so he could “take me out”. I-


    guys it finally happened. some guy at the gas station just said to me “you are really pretty” and i looked at him dead in the eyes and said “if i’m so pretty then why don’t you pay for my gas” and now i have a full tank

    In conclusion, men should pump the breaks on being creepy and let us pump our gas in peace. See what I did there?

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