This TikTok Shows What Space Mountain Looks Like With The Lights Turned On And It's So Claustrophobic

    Some things are better left unseen.

    If you've ever been on the Disney Parks roller coaster Space Mountain, you know that it's a pitch black experience — with the exception of a few colored lights here and there. Here's a POV video for reference:

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    But apparently this isn't always the case — if the ride is having technical difficulties, it runs with the lights on! TikTok user @ashleyhopeeee gave us an inside look at the one in Disney World with the following video.


    I FREAKED OUT. The lights were on when we went to space mountain!! 😮 #MagicMoment #disneyworld #spacemountain

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    In the video, it feels like the riders are just inches away from hitting the roller coaster structures with every turn.

    A split screen image showing the rollercoaster tracks and structures of Space Mountain with the lights turned on.

    Needless to say, a lot of people in the comments were freaked out about this reveal.

    The comments section of the video that has comments about how scary the ride looks with the lights on.

    This isn't the first time that the internet has been exposed to Space Mountain's claustrophobic and warehouse-like reality. A few years ago, YouTube account Theme Park University uploaded a POV of the entire ride with the lights on.

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    I personally prefer riding Space Mountain without the knowledge of how close my head is to hitting the structures.

    What do you think of this version of the Space Mountain experience? Sound off in the comments below!