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    This "Mamma Mia" Trend On TikTok Looks Very Fun But Extremely Uncomfortable

    "Laaaaay all your looooove on meeeeeee."

    Mamma Mia! is filled with so many iconic ABBA jams.

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    One of my favorites is "Lay All Your Love On Me" — mostly because of the passionate scene that accompanies it in the movie. On the day before Sophie and Sky's wedding, they sing to each other while rolling around/crawling in the sand. What, you don't do that with your S.O.? Psh.

    Sophie from "Mamma Mia" crawling towards Sky in the sand.
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    I was pleased to see that the TikToksphere had taken it upon themselves to turn this scene into a trend. The dedication among the participants was truly impressive, i.e. they gave no fucks that their dresses got completely soaked.


    Real life mama Mia #fyp

    ♬ Lay All your Love On Me - musicalsgalore

    This girl felt the music in the depths of her heart:


    most extra tik tok ive ever made #fyp #foryou #mammamia

    ♬ Lay All your Love On Me - musicalsgalore

    This girl went so hard, she had to throw her dress out after filming:


    This dress is now in the dumpster :) #fyp #foryou

    ♬ Lay All your Love On Me - musicalsgalore

    And these people were smart enough to wear bathing suits, but went above and BEYOND by capturing both parts of the scene:


    #duet with @rocknrags there’s two parts to this dance

    ♬ LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME - owen_kelley10

    For further reference:

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    I feel you guys...I'd rather be a bride-to-be on a Greek island right now too. *sigh*

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