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    16 Awful Things Men Have Actually Said To Someone After Having Sex With Them

    "Post-nut clarity" my ass.

    The moments that follow sexual intercourse — especially if it's with someone you don't know that well — can feel pretty darn awkward.

    But sometimes, even if its tempting to break that stifling post-coital silence, it's better not to say anything at all. TikTok user and internet personality @andrearussett proved this point with a trend she started where she asked people to share "the worst thing a man said to you immediately after sex."


    i’m so excited to read the commentz

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    Here are some of the most haunting responses:

    1. A guy told this girl to get dressed and call her own Uber because he had another girl coming to hook up in the next 10 minutes.


    #stitch with @andrearussett yeah that really happened

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    2. This girl lost her virginity to a guy who said (immediately after they finished), "Are you sure you didn't want to wait for someone who cared about you?"


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    3. This girl asked a guy if he could make her orgasm after he finished, and he started laughing and said, "I'm not a prostitute."


    #stitch with @andrearussett one of many weird experiences

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    4. This guy went into the next room where his friends were sitting, imitated looking around for something, then said, "Oh shit, I think I lost my virginity in there."


    #stitch with @andrearussett absolutely stone cold silent

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    5. This girl slept with a guy who said "papa bear's gonna go play Fortnite" immediately after.


    #stitch with @andrearussett and yes i did see him again afterwards🧍‍♀️

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    6. This girl used to work at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Walt Disney World, and after she had sex with a guy, he said, "That really was the wildest ride in the wilderness." The roller coaster's tagline is "the wildest ride in the wilderness."


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    7. This girl hooked up with a guy who pointed at a picture of her best friend after they finished having sex and said, "How do you know this girl?" She told him that was her best friend and he said, "I've gotta go, I was with her last night."

    8. This guy hooked up with a man who hurried him out of the house after they finished because his wife was coming home.

    9. A guy told this girl that her nipples were "invisible," and then proceeded to FLICK them.

    10. This guy got off of a girl after lasting 35 seconds, then said, "Well, that's all folks."


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    11. This guy had sex with a man who zipped his pants up after and immediately said, "I'm not gay or nothin' though."

    12. A guy rolled over and said to this girl, "You don't shave your butthole, do you?"

    13. After sex, this girl asked a guy why he never took her shirt off and he said, "What's the point?"

    14. A guy said to this girl, "Is it bad that I want you to leave?"


    #stitch with @andrearussett // I wish I could make this up 😂

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    15. A guy fist-bumped this girl's "coochie" after she lost her virginity to him.

    16. And last but not least, a guy said to this girl, "You hated it, didn't you?"


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