Requiring A Doctor's Note For Employees To Drink Water, And 14 Other Screwed-Up Things Bosses Did

    ♫ You're not the boss of me now! ♫

    1. This boss who told their employee to "stop being a victim" after their dad just died:

    2. This boss who's trying to interfere with their employees' freedom of speech:

    3. This boss who's trying to slide by with poisoning his customers:

    4. This boss who made their employees sign a "SWEAT pledge" that probably violates labor laws:

    5. This boss who's bribing people to rat on their friends (with $20, at that):

    6. This boss who basically said, "If I can't have fun, then nobody can":

    7. This boss whose sarcasm is NOT appreciated:

    8. This boss who has the most obscene late policy I've ever heard of:

    9. This boss who has no consideration for their employees' time:

    10. This boss who really expected their employee to do work at MIDNIGHT:

    11. This boss who requires a doctor's note for her employees to drink water on the job:

    12. This boss who showed their appreciation with...bananas:

    13. This boss whose punishment definitely isn't legal:

    14. This boss who was secretly paying a bunch of their staff less than a new employee in the same position:

    15. And finally, this boss who doesn't understand the simple rules of supply and demand:

    H/T: r/antiwork.