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    26 Men Who Tried Embarrassingly Hard To Prove They Were Tough, But It Backfired, Because Now We Just Think They're Pathetic

    "From cradle to grave, I'm a living nightmare."

    1. This man let everyone know that he is indeed a "male":

    2. This man needs to threaten people with adultery in order to seem tough:

    3. This man came up with the most bogus "alpha male" terms:

    4. This man is threatening to kick people's asses if they have negative opinions about his country — hopefully he's ready to kick millions of asses:

    A man wearing a T-shirt that threatens to kick someone if they don't respect his country

    5. This man wants everyone to know the power of the forklift operator:

    6. This man too:

    7. This man is weirdly bragging about not having friends — sounds like insecurity to me:

    8. This man is terrorizing his teenage neighbors with a gun:

    9. This man came up with the most bizarre theory about dogs, which makes him look more stupid than tough:

    10. This man invented a SUPER believable story:

    11. This man thinks his hoodie is intimidating:

    12. This man likes to hide behind his computer:

    13. This man is the "champion of death," albeit being alive:

    14. This man thinks anyone who hates assault rifles is a "whiny little bitch":

    15. This man has absolutely no chance with a woman:

    16. This man got embarrassingly heated over a silly Facebook video:

    17. This man thinks he could kick god's ass:

    18. This man is talking about something. IDK what, but something:

    19. This man is a total weirdo:

    20. This man's only personality trait is being tall:

    21. This man is a "cold hearted bitch":

    22. This man bullies people who are just trying to do their jobs:

    23. This man brought a whole-ass rocket launcher to Subway:

    24. This man goes around breaking people's stoves to show how "tough" he is:

    25. This man wants everyone to know that he would totally pet a coyote or wolf if he had the chance:

    26. And finally, this man is the cringiest father on the planet:

    H/T: r/iamverybadass