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15 Beggars Who Decided To Be Choosers

Lower your expectations, for the love of god.

1. This person who takes social media interactions WAY too seriously:

2. This person who is not doing themselves any favors with the whole "making friends" thing:

3. This person who's trying to get collabs before they're even famous:

4. This person who could use a book on child support laws:

5. This person who expects strangers to feel bad enough for her (potentially fake) daughter to send over some free AirPods:

6. This person who might benefit from learning how to spell these countries before demanding that someone fly them there:

7. This person who needs to stop expecting their potential romantic partners to fund their entire life:

8. This person who only wants a babysitter if it's on their stingy terms:

9. This person who needs to give up their gambling habit before their sibling cuts them off forever:

10. This person who might as well have just asked for people willing to work for free:

11. This person who doesn't deserve to be in a position of power:

12. This person who thought it would be a smart business move to shame their customers:

13. This person who misunderstood their part in the whole at-home learning thing:

14. This person who wants people they hardly know to immediately take responsibility for their kid:

15. And finally, this person: