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    17 Bookshelves You'll Appreciate Even If You're Not A Big Reader

    Matilda would love these.

    1. This bookshelf that looks like it was zapped by lightning:

    My father in law just made us this awesome bookshelf from pics

    2. This bookshelf that doubles as a game of Snake:

    Snake game made in a bookshelf from interestingasfuck

    3. This bookshelf that was a piano in its past life:

    A piano repurposed as a bookshelf from interestingasfuck

    4. This bookshelf that's straight out of a Dr. Seuss book:

    Wife wanted a Dr Seuss themed nursery so I built a Dr Seuss bookshelf from woodworking

    5. And this bookshelf that's straight out of Lord of the Rings:

    My boyfriend built a hobbit-hole inspired bookshelf for a lotr themed room. Top shelf is reserved for the hardback series. from lotr

    6. This bookshelf that really shines a light on a book's circle of life:

    Tree of Knowledge Bookshelf with Live Edge Finish from DIY

    7. This bookshelf to please the anime fans:

    manga bookshelf 2.0 art by me from Naruto

    8. This bookshelf that has its very own staircase:

    Custom-made bookshelf with a spiral staircase in a Chicago penthouse [2364x1577] from RoomPorn

    9. And this staircase that has its very own bookshelf:

    Bookshelf stairs from pics

    10. This rocket ship bookshelf that would be a great addition to any kid's (or adult's) bedroom:

    The rocketship bookshelf my dad made for my son from woodworking

    11. This bookshelf that has a secret message:

    a really cool bookshelf whose shelves spell something, seen at a hotel from mildlyinteresting

    12. This bookshelf that doubles as wall art:

    The Unique Bookshelf from interestingasfuck

    13. This Doctor Who-themed bookshelf that would make any super fan salivate:

    Tardis Bookshelf: my dad built me this tardis bookshelf and I wanted to show off his work. from doctorwho

    14. This patriotic bookshelf that isn't that practical, but sure is cool:

    At least Kansas makes for a good bookshelf from pics

    15. This meta bookshelf that's...made out of books:

    My bookshelf... Made out of books (x-post from /r/bookshelf) from pics

    16. This bookshelf that's actually a ladder:

    Ladder turned bookshelf is pretty clever from pics

    17. And this bookshelf that would be the perfect gift for any Virgo:

    To do list bookshelf from pics

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