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    16 Photos That Scratched An Itch I've Been Trying To Reach For Years

    Feeling ~Zen~.

    1. These shoes that look like they were sold as a packaged deal with the bike.

    2. This birds-eye view of an Argentinian city that looks computer-generated.

    3. And this birds-eye view of rice fields that looks like it's part of an art piece in an old chapel.

    4. This chunk of butter that shapeshifted into a perfect hexagon.

    5. These raindrops on a car that look like a gravel road.

    6. This perfectly spiraled joint that should be on display in a weed museum.

    7. This cinderblock shadow that couldn't fit more perfectly with the floor tiles.

    8. This family tree that would probably satisfy my curiosity about my ancestry for a good year or two.

    9. This staircase that's slightly terrifying, but mostly amazing.

    10. The inside of this croissant that's probably more symmetrical than my face.

    11. These pantry items that look like a winning game of Tetris.

    12. This heart-shaped soap sud that's never made doing dishes look so sweet.

    13. This super meta recycling bin made out of water bottles.

    14. This train track filled with corn (that would be even cooler if the corn was popped).

    15. These sushi rolls that I'd hang on my wall if that wasn't absolutely disgusting.

    16. And this photo of the moon that's about as close as most of us will ever get to seeing it in all its glory.