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    14 People Who Should Have Bit Their Tongue

    Nice try.

    1. This person who told Jeff Bezos in the '90s to "sell to Barnes and Noble and get out now."

    Found on IG overheardonwallstreet from agedlikemilk

    2. This person who spoke a little too soon about the "Reddit nerds'" inability to take down Wall Street.

    Boy, were they wrong from agedlikemilk

    3. And this person — or company — that obviously had to roll back on one of their "strongest beliefs."

    This strong belief from Robinhood in 2015 from agedlikemilk

    4. This person who should have just bought in on the Bitcoin "mess."

    Guy regrets a financial decision. from agedlikemilk

    5. These people who forced us to learn how to do math with our ~brains~ — using an excuse that's now laughable.

    Heh heh heh from agedlikemilk

    6. This person who said the iPhone would "never catch on."

    Reddit comments after first iPhone was announced 14 years ago. from agedlikemilk

    7. This person who thought Lady Gaga would be irrelevant by now.

    10 years ago from agedlikemilk

    8. This person who hated the premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants and said the show was "doomed."

    “Pathetic” from agedlikemilk

    9. This person who thought the biggest problem with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was the fact that Michael Phelps wouldn't be there.

    Found on a video about Michael Phelps from agedlikemilk

    10. This person who really lowballed LeBron James' career longevity.

    bron in his 5th prime from agedlikemilk

    11. This person who thought Animal Crossing would be the reason they were a recluse in 2020.

    need the whole march off from agedlikemilk

    12. This person who underestimated the power of the franchise.

    Albeit, a decade later. from agedlikemilk

    13. This person who really thought they did something with this prediction about music streaming.

    on a thread about if streaming is the future of music from agedlikemilk

    14. And this person who probably wishes they left Ellen out of this list.

    A comedian known for her kindness and generosity. from agedlikemilk

    H/T r/agedlikemilk.

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