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14 People Who Aren't Taking COVID-19 Seriously

The pandemic isn't over just because you're over it.

1. This person who thinks wearing a mask is equivalent to a tip.

2. This Uber passenger who doesn't seem to think the rules apply to them.

3. This Santa who doesn't care about bringing COVID-19 into your ho-ho-home.

4. These people who don't seem to mind that they're packed in like sardines with thousands of others in the midst of a pandemic.

5. This person who is both unprotected and looks like a duck with their visor "mask."

6. This person who did not connect the dots that resuming group exercise classes without a mask might result in COVID-19.

7. These people who thought hand sanitizers would make up for the fact that their wedding guests were sitting less than six feet apart.

8. This manager who seems to be confused by the whole "public health risk" thing.

9. This person who gets an "F" in statistics and biology.

10. This company that doesn't seem to understand how a mask is supposed to work.

11. This school that's making light of a pandemic that's killed more than a million people globally.

12. This donut shop that either doesn't know what the ≠ sign means or doesn't care about the safety of its customers.

13. These students who are acting like they've never heard the term "social distancing."

14. And this person who is exerting a lot more effort making "mask exemption cards" than it would take to just wear a mask.