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    14 People Who Have No Shame, And Probably Won't Develop It Any Time Soon

    Please go to therapy.

    1. This person who ruined an innocent family's outdoor play time:

    2. This person who got violent with a dildo at Spencer's Gifts:

    3. This person who thought this awful tattoo would be funny:

    Classy from trashy

    4. This person who shat on the floor:

    5. This person who tried to pass their crusty earbuds off as new:

    6. This person who hopefully hasn't crossed paths with many indoor cats:

    7. This person who's a little too proud of their infidelity:

    8. This person who disposed of their sex doll right next to a gas pump:

    9. This person who gave a REALLY fake tip:

    10. This person who enjoys standing people up, then bragging about it on social media:

    11. This person who used a fake baby to shoplift:

    12. This person who left their bathroom like a junkyard for their ex-roommate to deal with:

    13. This person who plagued this beautiful landscape with a dick pic:

    14. And this person who permanently soiled the public washing machine:

    H/T: r/trashy