17 People Who Probably Wish Their Day Had A "Reset" Button

    These people need a redo.

    h/t R/Wellthatsucks

    1. This person whose COVID test wait was an Avengers movie and then some.

    2. These people who were sharing their bed with this furry critter for god knows how long.

    3. This person who's pretty much allergic to everything.

    4. This person who fought the ramen and the ramen won.

    5. This person who had some extra protein hiding in their burger.

    6. And this person who found some extra protein in their blackberries.

    7. This person who skinned their ring finger, but thankfully had the decency to show us WITH the bandage on.

    8. This person who was in for an explosive surprise.

    9. This person who learned the saying "you get what you pay for" the hard way.

    10. This person whose wisdom teeth are coming in like battering rams.

    11. This person who had a little pizza with their crushed red pepper.

    12. This person who might have found themselves an activity that'll last the rest of quarantine.

    13. These people whose #1 fan is also their only fan.

    14. This person who will finally understand what it's like to try and find a needle in a haystack.

    15. This person who experienced sinkception.

    16. This person who got a little too cozy with some fire ants.

    17. And this person who had a close encounter with He Who Must Not Be Named.