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    16 People Who Absolutely Should Not Have Their Driver's License

    Pump the breaks.

    1. This person who doesn't seem to understand that a seatbelt goes OVER your legs.

    I do Valet for a living. I see way too many idiots pull in like this from IdiotsInCars

    2. This person who thought it would be a safe decision to carry an entire scrapyard on top of their car.

    Wtf is Going on Here.... from IdiotsInCars

    3. This person who hopefully has the superpower to see through large objects.

    How do people think of this from IdiotsInCars

    4. This person too.

    This guy needs his license revoked. from IdiotsInCars

    5. This person who might be a little too confident about their vehicle's storage capacity.

    Look very much safe from IdiotsInCars

    6. This person who somehow forgot that they were driving a car, not a bicycle.

    How did this idiot get here (the cycleway)? from IdiotsInCars

    7. This person who's in the head-on collision lane instead of the turn lane.

    That's not a turn lane... from IdiotsInCars

    8. This person who truly achieved what no driver has done before.

    This one is local! from IdiotsInCars

    9. This person who made quite the entrance at the car wash.

    At the car wash yesterday from IdiotsInCars

    10. And this person who took the name of that hair salon a little too literally.

    Heads up! from IdiotsInCars

    11. These people who need a lesson in merging.

    Inception of idiots. The bus and two other vehicles were trying to overtake the tricycle all at the same time from IdiotsInCars

    12. This person who was driving fast enough to flip over in a 25 mph school zone.

    Right in front of a school in a 25 mph zone. Saw this on my old neighborhood’s fb page today from IdiotsInCars

    13. This convertible that thinks it's a truck.

    who needs a truck to haul lumber when you have a convertible? from IdiotsInCars

    14. This person who's putting off a pretty urgent trip to the shop...or the junkyard.

    Idiot or resourceful? from IdiotsInCars

    15. This person who tried to turn their minivan into a monster truck.

    Maxi van from IdiotsInCars

    16. And this person who might not be going anywhere for a LONG time.

    I'll just turn here... from IdiotsInCars

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