14 Dystopian-Seeming Photos That Are Unfortunately A Reality For These People Working In Corporate America

    Some of these are totally egregious.

    If you actually like your job in corporate America, you're one of the lucky ones. I was recently perusing r/antiwork and was disheartened to see so many people feeling beaten down and frustrated by their place of employment. Here are the 14 posts that stuck out to me the most:

    1. "I got written up for wearing these socks. Any guesses why? 🍄"

    Someone wearing mushroom-themed socks

    2. "Just found I'm the single lowest-paid paramedic at my ambulance company, despite having the most experience by several years."

    Person making $27 an hour as a paramedic found out they're the lowest paid and so are resigning

    3. "I left my job shortly after receiving this prize for my good work 😂😂😅."

    Notice saying they won an extra 10-minute break, but they need to give 24-hour notice, it doesn't have to all be spent the same day, can't be added to other breaks, and the offer expires within 30 days

    4. "Tried to quit my job and they said no."

    Notification that they committed to a minimum of 1 year with the company

    5. "Update from yesterday: I work in New York."

    Text message asking them what they want a sick day and what is the ailment to justify their sick time, because it's not reimbursable by the company's clients

    6. "My wife needs surgery. They wanted her to sign this. She said HELL NO."

    Letter asking them to sign it to allow the employer to contact their physician

    7. "After helping them on short notice many times, I finally learned that my day off is my day off."

    Cellphone on "Do not disturb" with a series of missed calls from the pizza place they work at

    8. "I make $15 an hour, y’all."

    A  notice that crew members are not allowed to discuss their pay with one another

    9. "Am I losing it or is this insane?"

    A memo for employees to sign saying that if they're late or absent 3 times during any 6-month period, they'll receive a written warning, then a final written warning, and then they'll be fired

    10. "My job fired 30% of their staff after losing money this season buying a new building they couldn’t afford. Then they blamed us for it. Some legend left this in the break room."

    Cartoon character with thought balloon asking if the turnaround time is high because they're understaffed and overworked and have high turnover because of a toxic work culture, then "No, it's the employees who are lazy"

    11. "Boss went radio silent after I asked for my checks."

    Text w/employee asking if they can cash a check, and when they're told yes, they'll let them know after the weekend, they ask "Can I come pick up checks this week?" and get no response

    12. "My job involves walking for hours at a time. We also don't get breaks at all, even for 12-plus-hour shifts."

    Sign saying "Do not sit on the floor! Find something to do! Keep busy at all times! No standing around, and again, do not sit on the floor!"

    13. "My boss would rather throw food away to make a point than feed her employees. They already don’t pay us any money because we’re servers who only make money from customer tips."

    "Food mistakes are not allowed to be eaten by staff, they are to be thrown away and put on the waste sheet, per Keesha"

    14. And finally, "Thanks for this! I worked the entire 24 hours of Christmas Day for no extra pay too!"

    Memo to "Dear Colleagues" saying that managers will be coming around to give staff "a personal gift from the management team and tubs of chocolates," which will replace the Christmas bonuses they used to get

    H/T: r/antiwork.