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    16 People Who Don't Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    1. This person who gave no shits about putting their partner's sexual health at risk.

    I’m moving to a new city so I made a post looking for part time work. I got this chat request shortly after. from trashy

    2. This person who applauded their child's rude behavior toward a health worker.

    Imagine thinking your 7 year old child acting this way toward a health professional is endearing. from trashy

    3. This person who decided that a place where people's loved ones are laid to rest was the ideal boudoir photo shoot location.

    Can't spell classy without assy! from trashy

    4. This person who brought a whole-ass desktop to a restaurant and left a $2.86 tip after staying for over eight hours.

    Well...He took the word "camper" to a whole new level. from trashy

    5. This person who designed these masks that promote dangerous conspiracy theories about the global pandemic.

    But why...? from trashy

    6. This person who thinks that texting while driving is a joke.

    Laughing about texting and driving from trashy

    7. This person who used their face mask as an eye mask.

    "I don't get why people won't wear masks, they're so useful" from trashy

    8. This person who didn't seem to care if other people touched the germs on the bottom of her shoe.

    I don't know what's worse, her ugly toes or thinking she's funny by breaking the rules. from trashy

    9. This person who decided to leave tire marks all over their neighborhood for the sake of a gender reveal.

    Doing burnouts in a neighborhood for a gender reveal from trashy

    10. This person who had to go and ruin a perfectly good $10 bill.

    Found this when counting a drawer at work the other day from trashy

    11. This person who cheated the system in the least subtle of ways.

    Lady has a mannequin in the passenger seat so she can use the carpool lane from trashy

    12. This person who thinks that giving their 16-year-old a weed-themed cake for their birthday is good parenting.

    Just looking for someone to make this weed cake for my 16y/o's birthday, collecting my mum of the year award later... from trashy

    13. This person who used a poor fish as a beer bong.

    The fish had more to live for than this. from trashy

    14. This person who is a pedicurist's worst nightmare.

    Do y’all b fartin? from trashy

    15. This person who has no business being on a dating app geared toward serious relationships.

    Giggling at this absolute keeper on Hinge from trashy

    16. And this person who should probably be banned from McDonald's for eternity.

    Trashy customer from r/iamatotalpieceofshit from trashy

    H/T: r/trashy.

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