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17 Things That Made Me Say, "We're Never Making It Out Of This Pandemic, Huh?"


1. People are taking anti-parasitic medication used on livestock instead of getting the vaccine:

2. So many people are buying it that stores are asking for PROOF OF HORSE:

3. Thousands of vaccines are going to waste:

Arkansas just had 8 ICU beds available. Arkansas just threw away 80,000 expired unused vaccine doses. Holy fuck.

Twitter: @jakelobin

4. Everyone is glaring at the US:

5. People are still refusing to wear masks, even at COVID testing sites:

6. Unvaccinated people are attending enormous weddings:

Who wants to hear how shitty my day has been? Apparently there was a wedding this weekend. 250 guests. GUESS HOW MANY PEOPLE FROM THAT WEDDING I HAVE IN MY ER WITH COVID RIGHT NOW? it’s been 6 fuckin days.

Twitter: @citazworld

7. Students are endangering their teachers:

In one of my kid’s classes, in Florida, the teacher told students she had cancer, recently finished chemotherapy and asked if more of them would wear masks the next day for her sake. About half were wearing masks. The next day, after her plea, still about half were wearing masks.

Twitter: @jkelly3rd

8. Anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers won't stop referring to people who follow simple safety guidelines as "sheep":

9. Religious people are getting god involved:

10. People are forgetting the many vaccines we were required to get in order to get through various stages of our lives:

11. People are somehow shocked that being vaccinated is a military requirement:

12. Nurses are arguing with their patients about "what's in the vaccine" while administering multiple medications they don't care to ask the ingredients of:

Taking care of sick young unvaxxed patient, hanging antibiotics & giving other meds... RN: "why are you so against getting Covid vax?" Pt: "We just don't know what's in it!" RN: "I just gave you about 5 different meds & you never asked once what they were, or what was in them."

Twitter: @nursesheepie

13. Anti-vaxxers are "boycotting" the places that...they're not allowed in anyway?

14. People are trying to say that vaccinated people have negative health effects on those who go near them:

15. "News" publications are announcing their refusal to get vaccinated:

16. People would rather spend thousands of dollars on potentially dying than get the vaccine:

17. And finally...Well, this one speaks for itself:

H/T r/facepalm.