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    Just When I Thought The 2010s Were Over Motorola Came Out With A New Razr

    It's gonna cost $1,499.

    Hey guys, what year is it? I just saw on my Twitter feed that Motorola is bringing back a new type of Razr phone and I'm confused. Did I time travel or take too much Nyquil last night?

    Motorola / Via

    Here's a photo of the old one for those who don't already have it forever-engrained in their memory.

    Brb, let me check my calendar.

    Paramount Pictures

    Ignore the fact that the calendar says 1965. Hi Mia Farrow!

    Yup, just as I suspected. It is in fact 2019 and Motorola is coming out with a new Razr. The new model is going to be a foldable smartphone. Here it is folded closed:

    Motorola / Via

    Here it is opening:

    Motorola / Via

    And here it is completely opened with the full screen:

    Motorola / Via

    You can apparently use the touchscreen when the phone is both open and closed. There are also no creases on the screen when it unfolds. How is this possible? Magic, surely.


    Despite the whole technology 180 (a lot has changed since the phone was introduced in 2004), there appear to be some stylistic similarities between the old and new model.

    Motorola / Via

    But if you want the new Razr, its technological advancements come at a cost...$1,499 to be exact. Will you be asking for the new Razr for the holidays? Sound off in the comments below!

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