Men Are Sharing The Nonsexual Types Of Physical Touch They Love, And It's An Inside Look At Their Brains

    I guess they're not all horndogs.

    When you think about the types of "physical touch" that men like to receive, your mind probably goes to one place...

    Well it's time to get your head out of the gutter, because it turns out men like to be touched in nonsexual ways too! Reddit user u/Doctor-Writer asked men to share the non-sexual, but intimate forms of physical contact they appreciate most, and they got real. Here are some of the wholesome responses:

    1. "Receiving hugs from behind is like being told, 'Here, have some love, you don't need to reciprocate. In fact, you can't even reciprocate right now. This hug is for you to just receive love without having to give anything in return.'"

    2. "When I'm driving and she's in the passenger seat, reaches over with her hand, and lightly massages the back of my neck with her fingertips. Didn't ask for it or anything, she just does it."


    3. "Dancing. Not dirty, sexy dancing or anything, but you know the way they dance at the end of the first Back To The Future? That’s pretty big where I’m from, and it always makes me feel absolutely fucking great..."


    4. "Having someone rest their head on my chest. Bonus points if they put one leg over my body as well."


    5. "I really like it when women run their fingers though my hair and on my skin, so very lightly, that my skin tingles — the ever so slight caresses, which just barely cross the line past being tickles. Fingernails are good at this, as long as they're not sharp. Feeling it on the back of my neck is ecstasy."

    6. "My wife of 18 years isn't much into physical intimacy, but she'll come up behind me while I'm doing the dishes and just start scratching my back. Fucking heaven."


    7. "For me nothing beats lying in bed and hugging your girl from the side and using her boobs as a pillow while y'all watch a movie."


    8. "I love it when I give my girlfriend a high five and it slowly turns into hand holding."


    9. "When a girlfriend rubs my ears. There has been only one, and till I dated her I had no idea it was something I'd appreciate. When she rubbed my ears, it elicited the strangest kind of euphoria I have ever experienced."

    10. "When someone else brushes my hair. The tingles are so relaxing."


    11. "Any touching of my face, but especially along my jawline."


    12. "I have a friend who is way taller than me. When I'm really upset and we hug, I have to kinda hook my arms upward under her arms like backpack straps, which also means my head is against her chest and I can hear her heart. It makes me feel more safe and helps me chill out faster after a bad time."


    13. "A hug bro. I just want a hug."

    14. And finally, "To summarize — just touch us lovingly. We all have our favorites but as long as you touch us with love — we're usually all for it."