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Men Are Sharing The Things They Didn't Know About Women Until They Lived With Them, And I'm Getting Mad

And now they know.

Recently, I was scrolling through Reddit when I saw something that made me think to myself, "Wow. Men's ignorance knows no bounds." User u/Jindivid asked people to share something they "didn't realize the opposite sex did" until they lived with them, and TBH, these men's answers were the most shocking:

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

1. "Women pee with a pressure hose. I still get a little scared when I hear a girl have a good piss and it sounds like she's boring a hole through the toilet."

2. "It took me a while to figure out that pads are stuck onto the panties as opposed to right on the vagina!"


3. "I never realized just how much blood comes out of a woman on her period until I walked in on my girlfriend taking a shower. I honestly thought she was dying and bleeding out."


4. "Women shaving their bits. The first time I saw my girlfriend do this, I was immediately terrified, as if I knew a better way to do it."


5. "Women use a lot of toilet paper. A LOT."

6. "That decorative pillows are a thing. You carefully choose and purchase them just so you can spend the rest of your life pushing them out of the way, and occasionally cleaning them."


7. "Women are always cold...always. I can be sweating in shorts and a T-shirt, but my S.O. will be wrapped in blankets still."


8. "That women have magically regenerating hair. Otherwise my girlfriend should be bald, judging by the amount of hair she leaves around the apartment."


9. "I was about 19 or 20 when I learned women wipe after they pee. It's not that it didn't make sense to me — I just never had a reason to even consider it as a thing. So I was quite dumbfounded when I saw it happen."

10. "I did not realize that women plucked the hair out of their nipples. I was shocked!"


11. "My bathroom filling up with more niche (and unreasonably expensive) hair and skincare products on every available surface."


12. "In my 10 years living alone, I have never once needed to dump Drano down any of my drains. They just never get clogged with the short hairs that go down the drains. I have to dump Drano down the drain every four months, or else I'll get a lake in the shower."


13. "When I first moved in with my girlfriend, I got yelled at for putting 'dirty' clothes with my clean ones. I was totally under the impression I could wear that shirt like two more times."

14. "I didn't realize women lay in the bathtub with the faucet running on their vagina to get off."


15. And finally, "I had no clue I loaded the dishwasher wrong."