17 Men Who Think They’re Being Manly But Are Actually Acting Like Little Babies

    Ay dios mío.

    1. This guy who looked at this shirt and thought, "Yeah, I'll wear that to the state fair":

    2. This guy who has nothing better to do than piss off Costco employees:

    3. This guy who thinks he can take on the longest-reigning UFC lightweight champion:

    4. This guy who apparently needs four knives in his belt for a simple grocery trip:

    5. This guy who decided to threaten anyone who wants to follow public heath guidelines:

    6. This guy who's obsessed with the word "enemy":

    7. This guy who will do great AND terrible things:

    8. This guy who has no need for a helmet, but a definite need for a machete:

    9. This guy who has an ultimatum...peace or pieces:

    10. This guy who's too badass to die from COVID:

    11. This guy who called a 14-year-old weak for crying when they got shot at:

    12. This guy who has no patience for accidental Facebook adds:

    13. This guy who wanted to show everyone that he meant business:

    14. This guy who's the toughest man in the world because he punched through dry wall:

    15. This guy who's on the hunt for drama:

    16. This guy who's super manly because he drinks his coffee black:

    17. And finally, this guy who you shouldn't dare call "boomer":

    H/T: r/iamverybadass