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15 Liars Who Were Caught In The Act And Deserved Every Ounce Of Embarrassment They Felt

The internet knows all.

1. This person who was called out for their fake and inappropriate Quora postings: 

2. This person who exposed themselves in the dumbest way possible:

3. This person who tried to look cool and absolutely face planted:

4. This person who underestimated the knowledge of Fortnite players:

5. This person who did what all comedians do best...stole someone else's joke:

6. This person who just needed to change their profile pic:

7. This person who probably should have looked up the definition of "rural" in the dictionary:

8. This person who simply...did not go hiking:

9. This person who I AM almost positive had no idea what they were talking about:

10. This person who failed to do a little research about the Marines before making this bogus claim:

11. This person whose mom said "hold my beer":

12. This person who possibly has a time machine, but most likely not:

13. This person who wouldn't know accountability if it hit them in the face:

14. This person who was outnumbered REAL quick:

15. And this person who was schooled by The Church of Satan:

H/T: r/quityourbullshit