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People Are Sharing Random Life Hacks On TikTok And Here Are The Wildest Ones

So THAT'S how you put a bracelet on by yourself.

Note to readers: BuzzFeed has not tested out these hacks, so we can't confirm that they all work.

1. How to get something from the vending machine for free.

2. How to make a more convenient water fountain.

3. How to take an artsy pic of your manicure.

4. How to make the speaker on your iPhone louder.

5. How to keep chips fresh if you don't have a clip for the bag.

6. How to fix a dried out Expo Marker.

7. How to make a pizza box smaller.

8. How to get an affordable AirPods case.

9. How to put on a bracelet by yourself.

10. How to turn a whisk into a head massager.

11. How to make the perfect ice cream sandwich.

12. How to make it look like your paper has more words than it actually does.

13. How to feel like you're falling.

14. How to take the bones out of a chicken wing.

15. How to get the most out of your mechanical pencil eraser.

16. How to spread butter to the bottom of your popcorn bucket instead of just on top.

17. How to get rid of a hickey.

If you decide to try these hacks, let us know in the comments if they worked!