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    17 Pretty Messed-Up Things That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable When You Realize They Are Technically Legal

    "If your homie gives you his arm to gnaw on, it's fair game."

    If it weren't for the legal system, the world would be a pretty messed-up place (yes, even WORSE than it already is). But unfortunately, the code of law is far from perfect. Reddit user u/Flytechofficial recently asked people to share some things that are totally legal but creepy as hell, and the responses were sobering. Here are the 17 most unsettling submissions:

    1. "A national newspaper having a countdown for when a child actress becomes 'legal' for sex. Yes, I'm talking about what the Sun did to Emma Watson."

    Hermione pointing her wand
    Warner Bros/KRT/ABACA / Alamy

    2. "Using the urinal right next to mine when there were plenty of other choices."


    3. "Technically, you can stand on the sidewalk and stare into someone’s house through a window. It’s not illegal as long as you stay off of their property but it’s really freaking creepy."


    4. "My dad is currently in an injury case against his old job. There’s been a car outside his house filming him for the last couple months trying to catch him doing compromising things to disprove his injuries. That’s very creepy."


    5. "Parents using their kids for money. For example: YouTube kids channels."

    A kid opening up his presents on youtube
    Ryan's World / / Via

    6. "Hanging out in a public bathroom, timing how long people pee."


    7. "Using a laser range finder to ensure you stay outside the effective radius of a restraining order."


    8. "Sitting next to someone on public transportation even when there are other seats available."


    9. "I believe the act of cannibalism itself is legal, so long as you didn't murder anyone to do it. If your homie gives you his arm to gnaw on, it's fair game."

    Woman from "Raw" with blood in her mouth
    Wild Bunch

    10. "Dating a girl you adopted once she turns legal age and is not in your care."


    11. "Paparazzi in general."


    12. "Facing the wrong way in an elevator."


    13. "Following someone on the street."

    A woman being followed
    Getty Images

    14. "Child beauty pageants."


    15. "Tracking. Whether it's Google, Facebook, the government, or whoever. Fuck right off with that."


    16. "Puppy mills or backyard dog breeders that breed any dog with a genetic issue that affects their health or quality of life."


    17. And finally, "Hanging your doll collection from the trees in your yard using string made from human hair."

    Scary old dolls
    Carol Yepes / Getty Images

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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