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19 Photos That Made Me Scream At The Top Of My Lungs, "Why Are We Living Like This?!"

* Screams internally. *

1. This meta advertisement that depicts the harsh reality homeless people face daily:

2. This message from a screwed up person who felt the need to degrade their package deliverer:

3. This tweet that perfectly articulates how horrifying our reality is:

4. This bill that shows how much breaking your arm costs if you don't have insurance in America:

5. This waste of water:

6. This disgusting breach of privacy:

7. This depressing study:

8. This billboard that shouldn't even exist:

9. This incredible retort to Starbucks' stupid Facebook status:

10. This T-shirt that Texas Roadhouse forces its employees to wear:

11. This sobering map of wealth inequality:

12. This dystopian post about using up all of our planet's resources:

13. This beautiful artwork being painted over by a McDonald's ad:

14. This devastating reminder of how hospitals rip off civilians:

15. This wakeup call about Starbucks:

16. This infuriating chart that shows how much insulin costs in the United States compared to everywhere else:

17. This pathetic letter from McDonald's, begging their employees not to quit:

18. This Winter Olympics backdrop:

19. And finally, this disturbing "help wanted" sign outside of Burger King:

H/T: r/BoringDystopia