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    21 People Shared The Wildest Screenshots From Their Lives As Delivery Service Drivers, And They're Pretty Damn Jaw-Dropping

    The courier world is the wild wild west.

    1. This driver helped a woman — and dog — in need:

    2. This driver got a free meal from an angelic customer who decided to pay it forward:

    3. This driver was somehow expected to drive over 35 miles for only $21:

    4. This driver got a week's worth of Popeyes, thanks to a cancelled delivery:

    5. This driver had a total weirdo for a customer:

    6. Same with this driver:

    7. This driver was sent to a defunct Walgreens:

    8. This driver definitely got the message:

    9. This driver had to deliver some devastating news:

    10. This driver experienced the misunderstanding of a lifetime:

    11. This driver was deemed "Postmate Major Dick":

    12. This driver had to navigate a deathtrap:

    13. This driver had the perfect response to an incredibly disrespectful customer:

    14. This driver trekked through the wilderness to get to their customer:

    15. This driver was blessed with a wildly generous tip:

    16. This driver received Pulitzer Prize-deserving delivery instructions:

    17. This driver challenged a customer to a race:

    18. This driver had to navigate a minefield:

    19. This driver didn't have to squint through the dark to see this house number:

    20. This driver happened upon a treasure chest:

    21. And finally, this driver received the most Australian instructions ever: