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    12 Inappropriate Coworkers Who Totally Crossed The Line

    Don't poo where you eat.

    1. This coworker who overshared to someone whose number he didn't even have:

    2. This coworker who got mad at someone nearly 40 years younger than him for not wanting to date:

    3. This coworker who weirdly has no clue why they deserved to get fired:

    4. This coworker who doesn't care about infecting other employees with COVID:

    5. This coworker who continues to steal this person's delicious lunch:

    6. This coworker who treats the sink like a recycling bin:

    7. These coworkers who have turned the back alley of their work building into an enormous ashtray:

    8. This coworker who took a bite into the communal pastries:

    9. This coworker who should be grateful they're getting donuts at all, instead of shitposting about them on Facebook:

    10. These coworkers who lost their tampon bin rights:

    11. This coworker who's legitimately angry that her coworkers won't give her their clean pee for a drug test:

    12. And finally, this coworker whose ignorance rivals their inability to spell: