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17 CBD Tweets That Are Hilarious And Relatable

"I found an ant in my CBD drops. I was about to kill it but now we’re both listening to NPR."


I just got a CBD pen yesterday and I’ve been using it regularly and I was like wow I’m in a weird mood today... that weird mood is feeling okay and not in a state of constant anxiety lmao


Why didn’t the joker ever try CBD or drinking water


me: my grandpa died guy who takes cbd: he should try cbd oil. works so good for me i swear by it. u can vape it or even eat it like in edible form me: he’s dead


Started giving my dog CBD oil in the hopes that it would chill him out and now he just wakes up every morning and listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast.


When you finally convince your grandpa to try CBD for his arthritis


just ate a cbd gummy can’t stop thinking about my hamster from 2002


Have you tried putting CBD oil under your tongue & shutting tf up? - me, as a therapist


Just ate 17 CBD gummy‘s, I can see God and he’s wearing a snapback


The first person to drink a pumpkin spice latte infused with CBD wins millennial bingo.


I’m having a horrible day and im feeling really sad and alone and then during my session my therapist was like “have you thought about trying cbd oil?” and i was like “No do you have a 10% off discount code?” And she didn’t even get the joke so now she’s fucking cancelled too


I found an ant in my CBD drops, I was about to kill it but now we’re both listening to NPR.


a lot of people don’t know that one of the major side effects of cbd oil is having to constantly remind people that you use cbd oil


Nobody is more prepared than a mom ready to explain how her cbd oil isn’t the same as marijuana.


Nobody: My dad after trying the cbd i gave him:


me and the boys after eating 3 CBD gummies each


Just got a CBD infused bike and i got so relaxed on it i rode it into a wall