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16 Gender Reveal Party Photos That Prove We Need To Cancel Them

For what? You did this, for what?

1. These people who really said, "I don't give a fuck about the baby turtles."

An acquaintance posted this gender reveal party where they released a bunch of balloons at the beach where endangered turtles live. from mildlyinfuriating

2. These people who drove like idiots and probably almost killed someone for their SUPER IMPORTANT gender reveal.

Doing burnouts in a neighborhood for a gender reveal from trashy

3. These people who littered in a public park like it was their own backyard.

Plastic confetti left behind by a gender reveal party in a public park. from mildlyinfuriating

4. These people who used the lake as a garbage can.

These people doing a gender reveal on a lake with confetti. They didn't clean up and they threw the confetti canisters in the lake. from trashy

5. These people who turned a winter wonderland into a pink nightmare.

Someone did a gender reveal in a public park flower garden. They left the plastic confetti, balloons and tape on the ground and in the pond. The snow said "it's a girl". from trashy

6. These people who decided to add a violent theme to the mix.

Guns or glitter gender reveal from insanepeoplefacebook

7. These people who implied that only men could be police.

From the gender reveal to the fondant, this whole thing feels pointless and unnecessary from pointlesslygendered

8. These people who filled the air — and everyone's lungs — with pink fumes.

Gender reveal redneck style. from trashy

9. These people who found the grossest card imaginable.

Gender reveals are getting out of hand from ofcoursethatsathing

10. These people who seem to have forgotten that the WNBA exists.

Gender reveals are stupid from pointlesslygendered

11. These people who — again — trashed public property.

Leaving your gender reveal garbage in a nature sanctuary. from trashy

12. These people who felt the need to make their gender reveal party even creepier than normal.

This Gender Reveal Cake. How Did They Not See How Creepy This Is? from FondantHate

13. These people who likely ignore the fact that male ballet dancers are a thing.

i can't with gender reveal cakes from pointlesslygendered

14. These people who boiled it down to the basics.

Pictures from a gender reveal I saw on Facebook from trashy

15. These people who hopefully will never show this photo to their child.

Gender reveal party... It’s a penis. from trashy

16. And these people, who will probably never hear the end of this for the rest of their lives.

Imagine starting a 7,500 acre wildfire with your gender reveal party during quarantine from pics

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