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    16 Tweets That'll Remind You To Just Hold In Your Pee The Next Time You're At A Gas Station

    Purell, anyone?

    An unpleasant bathroom experience is one of the key components of an authentic road trip.

    Whether it's using a fast food restroom, squatting behind a bush, or peeing in a Snapple bottle in the back of the car, relieving yourself on the road is always an adventure.

    But there's no greater obstacle than having to use a gas station bathroom. Here are 16 tweets that perfectly embody this dreaded experience:


    From the looks of this gas station bathroom, I missed an alien autopsy by 10 minutes.



    When life gets you down, go to a gas station bathroom and just pee wherever. No one will notice and you'll feel like a fancy duke!


    It’s ok, gas station bathroom motion sensor lights, I forgot I was here too.


    I will say that mask usage has made gas station bathroom stops far better. 2020, I finally found your silver lining!


    White people will walk barefoot in a gas station bathroom but still wear shoes in the house


    i hate using a gas station bathroom cause then i feel obligated to buy something. like damn took a piss here guess i gotta buy this 18 pack of beer


    every time i pee in some sketchy gas station bathroom i just smile at the vents assuming there’s a camera capturing my little weenie in action



    If you’re going to take a 15 minute shit in the gas station bathroom, at least have the decency not to make eye contact with me when you walk out


    In awe of this gas station bathroom art... belongs in the Louvre


    just watched an absolute meathead wash his face in, and then drink out of a gas station bathroom sink.


    Sure horror movies are scary, but have you ever sat down in a one-seater gas station restroom only to realize you’re not sure if you locked the door?


    Accidentally walked in on the cashier at the gas station by my house taking a shit in the bathroom and now it’s awkward asf when I go there to buy blunts he don’t even look me in the eye no more 😔


    @jodieegrace Not a boy’s bathroom, but found this in a gas station bathroom in Colorado.


    Holy shit I just listened to a woman accidentally flush her car keys down a gas station toilet 60 miles outside of anything resembling a city I am STRUGGLING not to laugh I am a terrible person