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    14 Baby Delivery Bills That'll Make You Say "Damn You, America"

    Oh mylanta.

    1. This $171,496.14 bill for giving birth to a preemie:

    So I’m in a Hyperemesis support group on Facebook and this lady just posted her hospital bill for giving birth to a preemie + NICU + Labor and Delivery cost....and I’m just 😨😨😨

    Twitter: @MissNizi

    2. This $37,582.75 bill for a labor, delivery, and hospital stay in March of this year:

    3. This $69,634.70 bill for a C-section:

    4. This $51,035.78 delivery bill:

    The cost of having a baby in America.

    Twitter: @wishbonetattoo

    5. This $41,273.58 delivery bill:

    If anyone was wondering the cost of having a baby 😅:

    Twitter: @BoomstickRD

    6. This $34,030.03 bill for having a baby — with no complications — in San Francisco:

    Cost of having a baby w/ no complications in SF (CPMC Van Ness): >$34k 😳

    Twitter: @rexsalisbury

    7. This $41,772.74 bill for a mom, and $5,952.54 bill for a baby:

    8. This $20,920 bill at an Atlanta hospital:

    9. This $25,347 delivery bill that doesn't even include charges for the baby:

    10. This $22,282 delivery bill for a woman who thankfully has insurance:

    Got my hospital bill for our baby's birth and if you had any doubt already, US healthcare expenses are ABSURD. I get insurance through my employer (THANK GOD), so the only difference between me owing the hospital $22,282 and $1165 is the fact that I am employed.

    Twitter: @Charapoo

    11. This $898,984.57 bill for a premature newborn's care:

    Lauren Bard’s baby was born nearly 3 months premature. She’d been told her health plan would pay for the newborn’s care. Then she opened the hospital bill and her body went numb. In bold block letters it said, “AMOUNT DUE: $898,984.57.”

    Twitter: @propublica

    12. This $26,757.51 bill for a mother and $4,374.23 bill for a baby:

    Just in case you guys are having baby fever check out the hospital bill LOL. 😲 (waiting for insurance to go through but lol $30k to have a baby!?)

    Twitter: @daylarae_13

    13. This $42,347.36 delivery bill from the USA vs. a 200 krona (aka $22.84 US) delivery bill in Sweden:

    Cost of giving birth in Sweden vs USA. "greatest country in the world", huh?

    Twitter: @AmirTalai

    14. And finally, this $39.95 charge for holding a newborn: