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    15 Men Who Tried To Look Tough, But Totally Humiliated Themselves

    We hate to see it.

    1. This person who wants everyone to know they're "the weapon":

    2. This person who thinks they'd easily get the bronze in boxing, as long as they learned to "punch lighter":

    3. This person who wants you to "come and take it" already:

    4. This person who likes to PUNCH:

    5. This person who legit thinks they could take God:

    6. This person who's "already on a short fuse," so you better not ask them to do...what they're supposed to?:

    7. This person who allegedly outran four police departments with ease:

    8. This person who is so good at not crying, they deserve an award:

    9. This person who was so heated, they forgot how to spell chief (or perhaps...never knew in the first place):

    10. And this person who was very FAZED by having their spelling corrected:

    11. This person who needs everyone to know that some people find them intimidating:

    12. This person who is creepy as hell if they're anything like these "tough" movie characters:

    13. This person who has the devil inside:

    14. This person whose height and weight stats are VERY important to them:

    15. And finally, XZIBIT:

    h/t r/iamverybadass