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15 Inconsiderate People Who Are Straight-Up Ignoring The Pandemic

*Masked face palm*

1. This store that's endangering its customers with moronic (and inaccurate) logic.

2. This restaurant that essentially said "being cool > being safe."

3. This person who got chewed out with just five words.

4. This person who needs to find a hobby besides harassing essential workers.

5. This person who hopefully got coal in their stocking.

6. This person who lied about having a disability to sidestep wearing a mask.

7. This person who needs a new license plate ASAP.

8. This person who chose style over safety (and tbh it's not even cute).

9. Anyone who sports a chin diaper instead of a mask.

10. This patient who decided to lie to a medical professional about their positive COVID-19 status.

11. These people who are failing to understand the severity of the situation — even when it's right in front of their face.

12. This person who doesn't mind putting their whole family in danger just for a church visit.

13. This person who missed the memo that large holiday gatherings are a major no-no — or just doesn't give a shit.

14. This person who decided to question the validity of a grieving woman.

15. And this person who should go to prison.