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18 American Behaviors That Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb To Non-Americans

Some are good, and some are...not so good.

Have you ever wondered how people from other countries and cultures might perceive your behavior?

Jerry Seinfeld doing stand-up captioned, "What's the deal with being perceived"

Well, if you're American, wonder no more! Reddit user u/jbyrd13 asked the Redditsphere to share some behaviors that are "distinctly American." And IDK about everyone else, but I'm feeling a wee bit self-conscious. Here are the top-rated responses:

1. "The soft smiles you give to strangers if you make eye contact while walking past them do not go over so well in Germany."

2. "Using only your fork to eat various foods. When I ate at people's places or at the dorms in the US, they’d use their forks to cut vegetables, lasagna, sausage, pasta, chicken, fish, etc. The only time I saw people using knives was for steak or tough meat. I felt bad having to ask for a knife all the time."


3. "Getting in the car to drive someplace a quarter mile from your house."


4. "Taking condiments extremely seriously."


5. "Being able to chant 'USA!' for no apparent reason."

6. "Small talk with strangers. As much as we collectively like to complain about Americans in Europe, this is one of those things I wish we did a little more. I know, some of it is probably out of politeness but if I have to choose between waiting on a train station for an hour all alone or actually getting to know random new people, of course I prefer the latter."


7. "Talking really loudly in public places. Default volume of most Americans seems to be about 10 decibels higher than that of every other country's inhabitants."


8. "When traveling to another part of the world, an American will ALWAYS say the city and/or state they’re from, not the country. We’ll be at a hostel and someone will ask where everyone’s from: 'Denmark, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Canada ... Sacramento, California.'”


9. "They celebrate every holiday they can get their hands on."

10. "Calling the winners of your domestic championships 'world champions.'"


11. "Saying, 'How are you doing?' or 'How's it going?', etc. just means 'hello.' I've noticed non-Americans tend to think this is an invitation for them to share their life troubles while most Americans just use it as a greeting."


12. "Thanking their military servicemen for their service to the country. Not saying there's anything wrong with that; just saying that I've never seen that happen anywhere else."


13. "Enormous portions. Nowhere else serves that much food in one sitting."

14. "Being extremely paranoid about letting your children be alone outside."


15. "Driving kids to school. Every TV series has this. Is this accurate? How far away are your schools, Americans? I even walked alone to kindergarten."


16. "Speaking English in a foreign country. And if the locals indicate that they do not understand you, speaking English louder."


17. "The fear of clowns. This is pretty much anecdotal but the fear of clowns seems to be a VERY American thing yet with other countries the reaction goes from 'meh' to 'I guess they're scary?'"

18. And finally, "Hating large groups of Americans. There's plenty of anti-American sentiment around the world, but nobody hates Americans more than other Americans who disagree about politics."