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    13 Sad Excuses For Human Beings Who Should Feel Really Damn Guilty

    Someone named Trent WOULD vandalize an ancient artifact.

    1. This person who committed the most vile act a restaurant worker could do:

    2. This person who thought getting yelled at for endangering people's lives was a result of cancel culture — not the fact that they were being a total asshole:

    3. This person who seriously complained about people experiencing homelessness being gifted an expensive blanket:

    4. This person who takes pleasure in making servers' lives a lot harder than they already are:

    5. This person who is so anti-gay, they wouldn't let their daughter own something rainbow:

    6. This person who involved their kids in their illegal acts:

    7. This person who thought it would be cool to etch their name on an ancient artifact:

    8. This person who's bribing his religious followers with the return of Jesus:

    9. This person who had the nerve to bring this sexist sign onto a college campus:

    10. This person who trespassed (and vandalized) a national park for the Insta:

    11. This person who took a chainsaw to a state-owned bridge:

    12. This person whose kid needs medical help — not traumatizing punishments from their parents:

    13. And finally, this person who senselessly stole a beautiful tribute to someone's late husband:

    H/T: r/iamatotalpieceofshit