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    16 Photos That Actually Aged Like Milk

    ♪ Wish we could turn back time. To the good old daaaays. ♪

    1. Demi Lovato's turkey advocacy.

    I’m thankful for the internet from agedlikemilk

    2. Blockbuster's online streaming attempt.

    The ol' switcheroo from agedlikemilk

    3. The New York Times' article from 1924 about Hitler being "tamed by prison."

    Too harsh punishment would only add division! from agedlikemilk

    4. This textbook's Leaning Tower of Pisa theory.

    Well it’s 2021 now from agedlikemilk

    5. Any publication's prediction that Game of Thrones would finish strong.

    Might be a bit late but; damn from agedlikemilk

    6. And whoever decided to get this tattoo before the final season.

    No regerts. from agedlikemilk

    7. Mark McGwire's status as an athlete "your kids can look up to."

    Not Quite... from agedlikemilk

    8. Kim's optimistic Instagram caption — re: her marriage with Kanye — from less than a year ago.

    Kim K saying ‘until the end’ in May 2020 from agedlikemilk

    9. This painfully ironic Corona ad.

    This actual Corona ad from 2015 from agedlikemilk

    10. Lori Loughlin's joke about college on Fuller House.

    Aunt Becky staying true to form from agedlikemilk

    11. Microsoft's iPhone funeral.

    Microsoft employees holding a funeral for the iPhone following the "success" of their Windows phone from agedlikemilk

    12. This "Would You Rather" question said "this you?" to smartphones a decade early.

    My “Would You Rather” book from 2001 from agedlikemilk

    13. The critic who predicted this load of crap.

    From a 1999 review of Star Wars Episode I from agedlikemilk

    14. These battery disposal instructions.

    An old "helpful" tip in a magazine from agedlikemilk

    15. Expecting Avatar 2 to drop in 2014.

    6 years later still disappointed from agedlikemilk

    16. And Jenny's prediction of peace on a day where domestic terrorists ended up raiding the U.S. capitol.

    Damnit Jenny from agedlikemilk

    h/t r/agedlikemilk

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