12 Abysmal Realtors Who Are Part Of The Reason Why People Are Fed Up With The Housing Market

    These people aren't making our lives any easier.

    1. This realtor who wouldn't take no for an answer:

    Text message exchange discussing a house sale offer with a response declining due to not looking to sell

    2. This realtor who Photoshopped out the power lines on this house for sale:

    The image shows a before and after comparison of a house that appears to have a new roof installed

    3. Any realtor who takes distorted photos:

    A bathroom interior with a warped toilet

    4. This realtor who left the key in their client's door after showing their place:

    Key lockbox mounted on a door, open and empty

    5. This realtor who was unbelievably rude to a potential client:

    the realtor being rude about withholding info
    Text message exchange showing a housing dispute where one party expresses frustration over visitation arrangements and property management

    6. These realtors who are frankly just cringe:

    realtor billboard says "OK BOOMER!

    7. This realtor who picked every single fruit from a client's garden, shared it with the open-house guests, and spat the seeds all over the ground:

    Summarized text: Negative review about realtor due to aggressive marketing tactics and disruption caused by an open house

    8. This realtor who sent a very passive aggressive message to their client after they switched to a different agent:

    person's text after they found out their client sold their home without them

    9. This realtor who called someone five times in an hour:

    Screenshot of a phone interface showing missed calls from a contact labeled "Real estate agent."

    10. This realtor who should start checking for typos:

    realtor misspells mortgage on their ad

    11. This realtor who sends out a monthly wall of text that they actually think people will read:

    a typed letter full of text

    12. And finally, this realtor who accidentally sent an email to a tenant instead of a landlord about maliciously raising their rent:

    Summarized text: A tenant recalls previous discussions, complains about high rent increase and requests its reduction, stresses urgency