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    A Woman Who Looks Like A Muppet, And 20 Other Photos That'll Alter Your Perception Of Reality

    Whoa, Nelly!

    1. This kitty with a hole in its heart:

    2. This muppet woman in Vegas:

    3. This twisty tram rail:

    4. This invisible chair leg:

    5. This pup's mini me:

    6. This selfie-taking hawk:

    7. This moose that looks part llama:

    8. This cityscape that looks like a picturesque winter horizon:

    9. This trap door:

    10. This apocalyptic window view:

    11. This bizarre Noah's ark depiction:

    12. This badass dog with shades on:

    13. This slope:

    14. This magical floating treat:

    15. This hole in the hay:

    16. This sandy snoot:

    17. This levitating tourist:

    18. This very unethical taxidermy:

    19. This bundle of snakes:

    20. This shadow of Jesus (or a scarecrow):

    21. And finally, this giant world-conquering praying mantis:

    H/T: r/confusing_perspective