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    10 Annoying Things Millennials Do And 10 Annoying Things Gen Z'ers Do

    Even stevens.

    Aaaaaaand we're back at it again with the generation wars content. But this time, both Gen Z'ers and millennials will be receiving a gentle roast. Let's start with Gen Z'ers, who are guilty of the following:

    1. Thinking they were the first generation to be activists.

    @storybyleo why does gen z act like we invented activism

    2. Yearning for a period where social media didn't exist, when they are fully capable of taking a break from it.

    why does gen z romanticize times where there was no social media why dont u just log out?????

    3. Thinking literally anything is an "aesthetic."

    why does gen z turn everything into an aesthetic

    4. Being convinced they're the main character of a film.

    why does gen z tiktok think they’re in a movie??

    5. Using Snapchat as their primary form of communication.

    Why does gen z send me messages through Snapchat instead of just texting me

    6. Thinking they were the first people to love Hot Cheetos.

    Why does Gen Z have like exclusive claim to liking hot chips?? No shade, but I’ve been messing with these since 2004 or something

    7. Being at the center of the Tide Pod craze.

    Why is gen Z making fun of millennials? Werent some of y’all eating tide pods like last year FOR FUN?

    8. ✨Overusing the sparkle emoji.✨

    Why is Gen z so obsessed with the sparkle emoji. Like ✨stop doing this✨

    9. Coming up with new names for things that already have them.

    why is gen z discovering yoga pants & calling them “flared leggings”

    10. And obsessing over the worst style period.

    Why is Gen Z so obsessed with the Y2K aesthetic? We literally dressed like shit from 1998 through 2004.

    Alright, millennials, it's your turn. You're known for...

    11. Bragging about reading a lot.

    Why do millennials keep lying to each other about reading? None of us are reading.

    12. Overusing the word "adulting."

    Why do millennials love to be like “Adulting😝”???? like yeah you’re pushing 30 I’d hope you’re adulting

    13. Taking selfies wrong.

    Why do millennials always look at the screen instead of the camera when they take a selfie?

    14. Saying the most cringey phrase known to man, aka "I did a thing."

    millennials always say i did a thing why do they always say that

    15. Always bringing up "hobbies."

    okay i’ll bite, what are hobbies and why are millennials always asking about them

    16. Using the crying laughing emoji even though it hasn't been cool for years now.

    millennials always use “😂” unironically like what is so funny

    17. Letting companies take advantage of them.

    Why are millennials like this. I literally just apologized for putting in my week notice of leaving to a company who doesnt give me a lunch break for 8 hours, Has 0 communication, and had 4 people leave in the month ive been here.

    18. Adding "tweets are my own" to their Twitter bio as though they're a celebrity.

    Why do millennials always put some weird variation of “tweets are my own” in their bio . What does it mean

    19. Refusing to own crucial appliances.

    I need everyone to understand that millennials don’t have printers at home. Please. I’m so tired of driving to print and scan documents.

    20. And struggling to achieve financial stability.

    millennials always wanna talk about the scholastic book fair and the aesthetic of taco bell from the 90s but never their credit score

    See? Both generations are flawed! Now can we all make up and unite against the boomers again?

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