These 24 Cringey Sex Stories Are Making Me Want To Invest In A Chastity Belt

    "He threw me on the bed, and all the stuff hanging on the wall fell on me."

    TikTok user @brenleycarmine recently made a grave error. He thought it would be a good idea to ask users about the cringiest sexual experience they've ever had.

    The result? An abundance of horrifying (albeit hilarious) stories:

    1. "I queefed super loud and moaned even louder to cover it up and he said, 'I heard that.'"

    2. "He called ME daddy on accident."


    3. "My wig fell off, and he slapped my bald head and kept going harder."


    4. "My dog licked his nuts."


    5. "He threw me on the bed, and all the stuff hanging on the wall fell on me."

    6. "His fish all swam to the corner of the tank closest to us and watched."


    7. "He said, 'Yeah, get into it,' and all I could think about was that meme."


    8. "I could see my phone, and a notification went off, and I saw that I had failed my math final, and I started full-on bawling my eyes out."


    9. "One time, he was using his fingers, and I told him it hurt and the man started CRYING."

    10. "He said, 'Congrats, you're one of the boys now,' after I gave him head."


    11. "He stared into my eyes and started freestyle rapping."


    12. "He threw me on the bed, and my head went through the wall hahahahaha."


    13. "'Remember me' from Coco came on."

    14. "He said, 'Arch your back,' and I did it the wrong way."


    15. "I said, 'Your heart's beating really fast,' and he said, 'It's not cuz of you, I just haven't exercised recently,' WHILE HE WAS INSIDE OF ME."


    16. "He burst out laughing because he couldn't stop laughing at a meme I sent him an hour or so beforehand."


    17. "It was in the bathroom, and his friend went, 'Finish her,' in the Mortal Kombat voice."

    18. "My cat threw up in the corner of my room. Should have taken it as a sign because he ended up cheating on me."


    19. "I got a text that my grandma was in the hospital, and started to cry, and this boy just kept going as I was crying."


    20. "I actually passed out in the middle of it because I had low blood sugar, and he had to feed me Goldfish crackers so I'd wake up."


    21. "I accidentally moaned his best friend's name IN HIS EAR."

    22. "He stuck it in and said, 'Zoo-wee, Momma.'"


    23. "A girl FaceTimed him, and HE ANSWERED."


    24. And last but not least, "He stopped mid-doggy and pulled out his computer to finish an assignment that was due in seven minutes."