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17 People Who Lied Through Their Teeth, And Did A Really Bad Job Of It Too

♬ Why you always lyin'? ♬

1. This person who tried to suggest a highly dangerous "treatment" for coronavirus and was immediately shut down:

Is there a doctor in the house? A REAL doctor? from quityourbullshit

2. This person who was fishing for a "congrats" for something they didn't even do:

Congrats on the graduation buddy from quityourbullshit

3. This person who got schooled:

Attempting to shame someone for not “attending sunday school” from quityourbullshit

4. This person who decided to make up lies that a cool-ass grandma was getting trolled on the internet:

Grandma shuts down the bullshit from quityourbullshit

5. This "person" who proved three times over that they were indeed a bot:

How to spot a bot! from quityourbullshit

6. These people that tried to give this perfectly cute fluffmeister a bad rap:

AKC calls out clickbait Twitter ad. from quityourbullshit

7. This person who made up the most pointless lie about their age and couldn't even get the math right:

"I'm 21 years old" from quityourbullshit

8. This person who must have dreamt that this concert happened:

Guy doesn't even know what band he saw from quityourbullshit

9. This person who probably shouldn't have aired their dirty laundry with their former employer out on Facebook:

baked as hell from quityourbullshit

10. This person whose "girlfriend" has no idea who they are:

That's sad (x-post from r/sadcringe) from quityourbullshit

11. This person whose wife most likely isn't even pregnant at all:

Fake twins from quityourbullshit

12. This person who really thought they could make baseless (and racist) claims on the internet without getting called out:

I hope you all enjoy this comeback. from quityourbullshit

13. This person who should have at least WebMD'd "measles" before writing this post:

Anti-vaxxer back at it again from quityourbullshit

14. This person who somehow thought people wouldn't just go to their profile to see details on their numbers:

i aM aN iNfluENceR from quityourbullshit

15. This person who tried to claim someone else's work as their own after putting filters on it:

You weren’t fooling anybody from quityourbullshit

16. This person who couldn't get this stupid lie past die-hard SpongeBob stans:

Fake Spongebob line :/ from quityourbullshit

17. And this person who was caught red-handed by the security camera:

Laundromat owner denying Karen her power from quityourbullshit

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