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    Asking For Someone To Come Into The Office Two Days After Their Wife Gives Birth, And 13 Other Despicable Boss Stories

    Imagine having to work for these people...

    1. This boss who treats people's personal belongings like garbage:

    2. This boss who conveniently keeps forgetting their employee can't work overtime:

    3. This boss who is so bad that their secretary sought the cruelest form of vengeance:

    4. This boss who committed the food crime of the century:

    5. This boss who points fingers before knowing the whole story:

    6. This boss who can't seem to grasp the clear and simple message that their employees are underpaid:

    7. This boss who should be sued for discrimination:

    8. This boss who continued to be a creep toward his employee even after she quit:

    9. This boss who inconveniences everyone with their archaic methods:

    10. This boss who'd rather risk their employee going to jail than have them miss a day of work:

    11. This boss who probably caused a whole lotta eyerolls with this Facebook post:

    12. This boss who likes to play pretend:

    13. This boss who forced the most boring event in the world on their employee:

    14. And finally, this boss who wants their employee to abandon their wife and newborn baby:

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