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People Are Finally Taking A Stand Against Grass Lawns: Here Are 17 Incredible Alternatives

If you really want to keep up with the Joneses, it's time to plant a biodiverse lawn.

Last year, I wrote about the rise of sustainable alternatives to grass lawns. Many people are choosing to forgo their traditional monoculture grass yards in favor of wildflower yards, bee sanctuaries, clover fields, succulents, vegetable gardens, and more. This results in less wasted water, and more biodiversity — aka the variety of different lifeforms in our ecosystems.

Since then, so many more gorgeous lawns have popped up on r/NoLawns, and I just need to share them with you:

1. This jaw-dropping before and after:

Before and after of a person's lawn

2. This one, too:

Before and after of someone's lawn

3. This grass-free paradise:

A front lawn

4. This field of bluebonnets:

Bluebonnets in someone's yard

5. This native pollinator habitat:

A lush green yard

With wild strawberries:

Strawberry trees

6. This wildflower palooza:

wildflowers in someone's yard

7. This gorgeous sanctuary filled with plants, stone paths, and kitties:

A front yard
A stone walkway
A cat trying to get to a bird bath

8. This community sidewalk brought to life by some bearded irises:

Bearded irises near a sidewalk

9. This yard filled with 35 unique plant species:

Different plants in someone's yard

10. This corporate building that has sedum instead of grass:

Sedum all over the ground
Closeup of sedum

11. These three side-by-side homes that are all rocking the no-lawn life:

Houses with lush yards and lots of flowers
Lots of flowers near a sidwalk

12. This reduced lawn that shares its space with native flowers:

A lawn surrounded by sunflowers

13. This bee haven:

"Pardon our weeds, we're feeding the bees"

14. And this butterfly refuge:

A butterfly on a flower

15. This magnificently purple front garden:

Purple flowers

16. This dandelion dream:

Dandelions in someone's lawn

17. And finally, this idyllic morning coffee spot:

Someone's yard that's set up with a table and chairs, surrounded by plants and flowers