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Do You Need To Shut The Fuck Up?

Only this quiz, and everyone around you, knows for sure.

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    Do you think vaccinations do more harm than good?
    Do people know you're vegan within five minutes of meeting you?
    Is your child more special than other children?
    Do you think we're not being told everything about 9/11?
    Do you send food back?
    Do you talk about not owning a television?
    Do you think recycling is a waste of time?
    Are you rude to waitstaff?
    Have you ever paid for energy healing?
    Do you think both major political parties are the same?
    Do you interrupt people if their story reminds you of a story about yourself?
    Did you get, like, no sleep last night?
    Do you talk about projects you haven't even started?
    Do you start sentences with "Most people don't know this, but..."?
    Do you think voting doesn't matter?
    Do you talk about not being on Facebook?
    Do you think Don Draper has been dead this entire time?
    Do you start sentences with "I'm not racist, but..."?
    Do you still have your college grades on your resume?
    Do you post articles on Facebook without reading them?
    Do you post outrageous things on Facebook without checking if they're real?
    Do you need to warn people about your food allergy?
    Do you use the word "mancave?"
    Do you think we need to stop eating bread?
    Are you raising an "Indigo Child?"
    Do you think we'd be safer if everyone had a gun?
    Do you like to point out that the book was better than the movie?
    Do you buy a concert ticket and then just talk the entire time?
    Do you think rape statistics are inflated?
    Do you bring up your volunteer work when it's not relevant?
    Do you tell people details from your unfinished novel?
    Do you own any merchandise proclaiming your atheism?
    Do you talk about how much you had to drink last night?
    Do you talk about how hallucinogens changed your life?
    Do you complain about getting put in "The Friendzone?"

Do You Need To Shut The Fuck Up?

You need to tone it down a little. Most of your opinions are valid and you're not the worst to be around, but make sure to pay attention to other people's faces while you're talking — they might be waiting for you to shut the fuck up.

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Settle down, know-it-all. Think you've got it all figured out, don't you? Well you don't know everything. For one thing, you don't know that you should be keeping your mouth shut about half the time.

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Shhhhhhhut up. Shut up. Stop talkng. Shut your mouth. Shut up SHUT UP SHUT UP You don't know what you're talking about so for once in your goddamned life SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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