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    The Samsung Whistle Is The Worst Noise Ever And Must Be Stopped


    Do Not Press Play.


    The Samsung whistle is the worst thing that has ever happened to ears.

    Warner Bros.

    The fucking worst.

    Remember when Justin Bieber brought out that "Mistletoe" Christmas song?

    This is at least 1,000 times worse than that insipid piece of shit.

    This is exactly how everyone feels when they hear it.


    Everyone except people who use the goddamn Samsung whistle.

    Why does it exist?


    Like, who has their phone make noise at all? WHO DOES THAT?!

    Whistling of any kind is the worst.

    Universal Pictures

    It has been scientifically proven. Possibly.

    And the Samsung whistle is the worst kind of whistle.


    You're upsetting Michael J. Fox, you dicks.

    Some say it was created by pure evil.

    Warner Bros.

    Others by Samsung.

    Either way, it needs to be stopped.


    Bunk is disappointed in you.

    The only way this audio turd could get any worse is if goddamn Nickelback covered it.


    Don't you fucking dare, Kroeger.

    How do we solve this problem?

    No, not by smashing people's phones in the street. Good effort though.

    The answer is simple.


    Try putting your phone on silent. Nobody gives a fuck about your latest message.

    Or, you know. Pick a different message tone.

    Literally any other message tone.

    By working together, we can end the tyranny of the Samsung whistle.

    20th Century Fox

    Civilisation depends on it.


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