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38 Kitchen Products With Wow-Worthy Results — And We Have The Receipts

It's time to start loving yourself and cook all of your frozen pizzas on a pizza stone from here on out.

1. A bestselling garlic press with 14,000 reviews to take the mess out of preparing your favorite ingredient.

2. A batter dispenser that will make your pancakes look exactly like the ones on the box. It's also perfect for pouring out just the right amount of cupcake batter.

A model using a pancake dispenser to dispense even circles of pancake batter on top of a griddle

3. A pizza stone to fool your guests into thinking you ordered from a fancy pizzeria. Plop your pizza on top, throw it in the oven or on top of the grill and then marvel at the crispy crust and evenly melted cheese.

4. An absolutely genius tool that lets you easily spread butter on your pans before cooking or directly on hot foods like corn on the cob or fresh bread. No more ~butter fingers~!

5. A Ninja coffee maker that can brew a full pot of ground coffee OR a single-serve K-cup in the same machine. It's a major space saver and will basically turn your kitchen into your new favorite coffee spot.

6. Or a bestselling French press for the caffeine connoisseur who would never dream of using a regular drip coffee maker. It's also simple enough for beginners, so you'll become a proud coffee snob in no time.

7. A handheld milk frother so you can try all those delicious-looking latte recipes you've seen on TikTok. For the cost of about three cappuccinos, you can whip up all the frothed milk topping you could ever want.

8. A stuffed burger press to seriously upgrade your grilling game. This gadget creates a perfect little pocket in your patty that you can stuff to your heart's desire.

9. A bottle of Krud Kutter that does exactly that: cuts through the crud. It's nontoxic and fragrance-free, so you can safely spray it on any food-prep surfaces.

10. A nonabrasive, bleach-free cleaning and polishing powder you can sprinkle on everything from cookware, sinks, stoves, bathtubs, and toilets.

Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using Bar Keeper's Friend

11. Or! A bottle of pre-mixed Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser that can remove stains and burnt-on food with ease — meaning you can quickly get your stove top to look like less of a disaster.

12. gas range cleaning spray that takes just seconds to cut through grime and grease and eliminate any evidence that your roommates are total slobs. Now I'm just projecting.

Reviewer photo of dirty gas range burner
Reviewer photo of clean gas range burner after using cleaner

This stuff is THE TRUTH. My roommate is the best, but let's just say wiping down the stove after cooking is not one of her favorite activities. I'm not particular fond of doing the dishes, so I guess we're even. Anyways, I spray this on a few times a week, let it sit for about five minutes, then wipe with a cloth and it removes EVERYTHING. Like, every little spot of caked-on grease and burnt crumbs come off with just one wipe.

Get a two pack from Amazon for $14.69 (also available in packs of three and eight).

13. A cooktop cleaning kit to chip away at burnt-on messes and make your ceramic cooktop look as shiny and flawless as the day you moved in.

Reviewer before-and-after photo showing results of using cooktop cleaning kit

14. An all-natural oven scrub made with gritty pumice stone so you can really go to town on that pizza that exploded and left a mess everywhere. It'll even clean all the hard-to-reach spots on your racks and oven door that you usually overlook.

15. A pack of scrubbing pads to tackle everything from your stove top to your oven doors without leaving behind any accidental scratches or pesky streaks.

16. A spill stopper so you can finally turn your back for one second without worrying about your pot of pasta boiling over and making a mess everywhere.

A red silicone cover shielding boiling water from spililng over on pot

17. A set of silicone muffin liners that are easily washable and reusable. The silicone material means your muffins and cupcakes will glide right out so you can immediately get to snacking.

18. An easy-to-use circular sandwich cutter so you can make your own crustless PB&J without overpaying for those frozen versions.

Reviewer holding homemade circular peanut butter and jelly sandwich

19. A highly rated spiralizer that might just get you excited about eating your veggies. If you're looking to jump on the veggie pasta trend, this will make it so much easier.

20. This rapid egg cooker so you can quickly cook all of those eggs sitting in your fridge before they go bad. Whether you like 'em boiled, poached, or scrambled, this little device does it all.

21. A cold brew maker that's so easy to use and will save you tons of money by eliminating your daily iced coffee run.

22. An electric hot pot so you can whip up some stews, noodles, and sautéd meats and veggies when you need some good comfort food.

23. A set of plastic storage containers to keep your produce tasting fresh for much longer. If you constantly find yourself tossing out strawberries you totally forgot you bought, these containers will basically pay for themselves.

BuzzFeeder's before-and-after photo showing results of storing produce in storage container

24. This plant-based cleaner so you can finally wipe away those pesky fingerprints and grease marks that are making your stainless-steel appliances look extra grimy.

Reviewer's before/after of their kitchen stainless steel (fingerprinted before, shiny after)

25. A device to turn frozen fruit into a creamy soft-serve dessert so you can curb a sweet tooth without all the extra sugar.

26. A corn stripper so you can enjoy some delicious corn without the pesky cob. It's perfect for saving a few coins and making your own Chipotle bowls at home.

27. A pack of cleaning tablets that will clean your dishwasher for you, because it's probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral buildup so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials.

28. A chainmail scrubber so you can actually clean all of the burned-on grime on your cast-iron skillets without removing the seasoning or causing damage. It's also safe for use on waffle makers, griddles, and everything else you barely bother cleaning.

29. A microwave steam cleaner, because the mess in there doesn't just disappear when you close the door and walk away. This little device uses the power of sheer anger (and steam) to eliminate dirt and stains from your microwave.

30. A peel-and-stick faux-gel tile backsplash to fool all your guests into thinking you gave your kitchen a complete overhaul — but in reality, you just quickly applied some heat-resistant stickers!

31. A set of cleaning K-Cups that'll remove all of the grime in your Keurig machine. You'd be surprised how much coffee residue and old coffee grinds can get stuck in the dispenser.