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    This Wire Nail Trend Is Going To Blow Your Mind

    Everything about this trend is gorgeous, down to the wire (sorry).

    We've seem some pretty amazing nail trends in the past, and it seems like we're starting the year with a pretty cool new one.

    Wire nails are now a thing, and we're into it.

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    Eun Kyung Park, a Seoul-based rock-star manicurist and owner of Unistella Salon, is responsible for this new look.

    If her name sounds familiar it's because she also introduced us to the dangerously cool broken glass nails.

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    But back to wire nails. These gold accents paired with clear polish make for a minimalistic manicure dream.

    The wire can be used simply to outline the nails.

    @nail_unistella /

    But she also gets crafty and makes abstract, Picasso-like shapes with it.

    @nail_unistella /

    And for a most simplistic look, she uses the wire as a cuticle cuff, to compliment an already gorgeous manicure.

    @nail_unistella /

    The idea of this ingenious manicure actually came from the making of neon signs.

    @nail_unistella /

    "It's one long wire that's bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings" Park told Marie Claire.

    So yeah, my manicure is in dire need of some wire!