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    Broken Glass Nails Are The Latest Manicure Trend And They're As Badass As They Sound

    So cool they could cut you.

    If you've never met a manicure you didn't like...

    Then get ready to become OBSESSED with glass nails.

    Of course, it's not REAL glass — it's actually just slivers of cellophane arranged on the nail to reflect light and make your hands look SEXY AS HELL.

    The trend recently picked up in South Korea.

    Eunkyung Park, Seoul-based manicurist to the celebs and owner of Unistella Salon, developed the technique, according to Refinery29. The style looks like a more architectural approach to the holographic mani.

    Glass so sharp it could cut you.

    Lucca Couture / Via

    Like RiRi in her "Bitch Better Have My Money" video.

    And now it seems that women CANNOT GET ENOUGH.

    Look at that gemstone realness.

    Some people go for a layered optical illusion.

    Nail_Unistella / Via

    While others look a little more like IRL glass shards.

    There's also the fly AF accent nail.

    I MEAN.

    Some styles are classy.

    Shiny like a chandelier.

    And others are edgy.

    There's even the negative space + glass nail mani that's TO DIE FOR.

    In the end, glass nails might just become your entire world.

    Here's a tutorial if you want to DIY them yourself.