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    28 Nail Art Ideas That Will Inspire You To Rethink Your Next Manicure

    The most stylish (and easiest!) nails in the world.

    1. A different shade for each fingernail so they'll never think you've been trying on colors at the pharmacy again.

    2. A rainbow that'll have you searching for your pot of gold.

    3. Or this metallic version that totally goes with the holographic trend that's been going around.

    4. Here, you just need to apply a tiny droplet of polish to each nail for a ~whimsical~, but fashionable, look.

    5. Or try adding some unique adhesive glitz and glam to each nail for a modern look that requires almost zero skill.

    6. Mix and match regular polish with those little metallic strips made specifically for the fiercest of nails.

    7. You can do it by hand (if you've got skills) or just use sticker strips (for the rest of the commoners/plebeians/what have yous like us).

    8. This look is even easier to achieve because you don't need to match the thickness precisely on all the nails.

    9. Who knew that baby blue nail polish could be so trendy?

    10. One stripe, two stripes, you decide!

    11. Or maybe mix it up with a little colored square.

    12. And if stripes and squares aren't your thang, try this look on for size.

    13. You could try painting a white half moon at the base of your colorful nails.

    14. If a trendy unicorn did nail art, we imagine it'd look something like this.

    15. Piano-inspired nails get a facelift with a more daring color palette.

    16. And this look is simply awesome, even without the sweet mattifying top coat.

    17. Here, you use a single sticker to decorate all five fingers!

    18. This half moon paired with irregular French nails truly represents the 'art' in nail art.

    19. And we're absolutely obsessed with this angular, jagged look that'll make your nails the envy of all your friends.

    20. Dress up a classic mani with a simple, but bold, tip.

    21. Can you see these little droplets? They're my tears of joy (and maybe a bit of nail polish, too).

    22. And with a very steady hand (or a very thin nail strip), you can create this unique look.

    23. We're in love with this luxe metallic half moon look.

    24. And each of these nails may only be a two in dominos, but in style they're a ten!

    25. This is more difficult, but the effect is totally worth it!

    26. These minimalist nails are just too elegant.

    27. These nails will protect you for days and days (well, at least until its time for a fresh coat!).

    28. And these adorable piggies will have you running to buy a new pair of sandals to go with this awesome color combination.